Misc. Compressor Package

Miscellaneous Solutions

JR Manufacturing is able to handle a multitude of custom fluid and gas handling solutions. We work closely with your engineering and design team to manage and implement all your fabrication and manufacturing needs.

Packaged Pumping and Transfer Solutions:

We offer a variation of packaged pumping and transfer solutions across several different industry sectors and used with several applications. Our pump package systems can be integrated into existing plant automation, or can have their own automation controls. Our team manufactures pump solutions that accurately and effectively handle fluids such as crude oil transfer challenges among various other fluids.

We also offer a wide range of transfer packaged systems for the petroleum and natural gas terminal loading markets. Our custody transfer systems meet all OSHA requirements and standards. If your operation involves truck and/or railcar offloading, to Ethanol and pipeline metering systems, we have the expertise to keep your product moving safely and efficiently.

Frac Manifold Skid Solutions:

With market demanding safe, capable, cost effective solutions, our frac manifold system is specifically operators drilling/fracking multiple wells on a single pad. Our concept gives operators the capability of rigging-up/fracking multiple wells without having to move or relocate the pumping equipment, which reduces the time it takes for completion.

A few other solutions we have specialized in are crude oil pumps, transfer pump packages, frac manifold skid solutions, and hydraulic hose reels.

Hydraulic Hose Reels:

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, our industrial hydraulic hose reels stand up to the most strenuous conditions of any industry. Our industrial hose reels are built to handle any situation, while improving productivity, and safety within your operations.

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